Puget Sound Charitable Grants

How do we apply for a grant?
Whether a first time grant seeker or a past grant recipient, receiving a grant from the Archibald Foundation requires the following:
  • Submission of a grant application following the required guidelines. The application is to be signed by the Board Chair, President, or Executive Director.
  • Pre-Screening of each grant application by the Foundation's administrators to confirm that it is complete and ready for review by the Foundation Directors. The financial and operational viability of the grant organization is also carefully weighed. In some cases the Foundation may ask for additional information or clarification before forwarding the application for review by the Directors.
  • The Foundation Directors meet four or five times per year to review the grant applications. Organizations awarded grants will be notified by letter and will be reminded of their agreement to the Grant Agreement terms and conditions before negotiating the grant check.
How many grants do you make and how many requests do you receive?
The Foundation makes about 60 grants per year, which includes 13 Core grants that are pre-determined. Of the remaining regular grants, about 25-30 per year will be less than $10,000. In exceptional cases grants in excess of $10,000 are considered. (about 5-10 per year).
How do these numbers compare with the number of annual requests?
Each year the Foundation receives over one hundred grant applications and if in compliance with our guidelines are presented to the Directors for evaluation.
Why do you approve some grant applications and not others?
The Foundation seeks to support proposals from viable and effective organizations where the Foundation has confidence that the grant will make a difference in ensuring the success of the proposal and the mission of the organization.
What is your average grant amount?
The average of all grants is $9,000. Small grants average about $4-5,000.  
Primary reasons for grant requests being disqualified?
The main reasons for disqualification are:
  • Proposals for projects that fall outside our geographic focus.
  • Proposals for ongoing programs and operating costs.
  • Proposals that lack appropriate documentation (e.g. financial statements, including a balance sheet and confirmation of tax exempt status).
  • Submission of the grant application too soon following the award of a prior grant.
How often can we apply for grants?
Except for Core grants as described above, the Foundation does not make grants to organizations in back to back calendar years.
What are your deadlines?
The Foundation accepts grant requests all year round. It may take several months from the receipt of a grant application for a decision to be made on a grant.
If we receive a grant, what happens next?
The Foundation usually mails notifications within a few days of the Director's approval. The grant checks will be mailed shortly therafter.  You are reminded that the grant is to be used for the purposes outlined in the formal application, and that you must submit a Grant Use Report on your project within one year of the grant award.
Can we submit a proposal if our organization is not located in the Puget Sound area, but we serve people within the area?
The Foundation will consider proposals from organizations outside of the Puget Sound region provided that the organization has a demonstrated record of service in the Puget Sound region and the proposal relates to services within the Puget Sound region.