Puget Sound Charitable Grants

Guidelines for Grant Applicants

First, please carefully review the Foundation's Guidelines for Grant Applicants to determine if your organization is eligible for support.

All eligible organizations seeking funding must submit a grant application in conformity with the Guidelines for Grant Applicants. Such Application is to include a Summary of the request which is to be signed by the organization's Executive Director evidencing its accuracy.

Please be aware that failure to include the "Signed Grant Agreement - Terms and Conditions" will result in delayed evaluation of the grant application until the Agreement is received.

Finally, please review the second page of the "Guidelines for Grant Applications" prior to submitting your grant application to ensure compliance with the "Document Checklist."

Application questions may be addressed to nacf@seattlefoundation.org.

Apply Online

In reviewing grant applications, the Directors will determine which requests appear to have the greatest impact considering the funds available for grants at that time. Unfortunately, this may mean that we receive worthwhile applications that we are not able to fund.

Please understand that a decision not to fund an application is not intended as a reflection on the merits of or value of the proposal.

There are no deadlines for submission of grant applications. The Foundation receives application letters throughout the year. The Directors' meeting schedule is subject to change. Meetings during 2020 are currently scheduled for February 26, May 27, September 16 and December 9. Applications received at least 10 days prior to the meeting dates will be considered at such meeting. Applicants may anticipate a response to their application within a reasonable period after the meeting at which their request was considered. Occasionally the Directors will defer a grant decision to a later meeting.

Grant Use Report

NOTE: If an applicant has previously received a Foundation grant after 2012, an acceptable Grant Use Report must have been submitted for that grant prior to completing a new application.

Notification of Grant Decisions

Letters notifying applicants of grant decisions are mailed shortly after each grant meeting.     

Upon request of the Foundation, the Grantee will permit representatives of the Foundation to visit the premises and review the projects supported by the grant.