Puget Sound Charitable Grants

All organizations receiving a REGULAR grant from the Archibald Foundation must submit a "GRANT USE REPORT" not later than the one year anniversary date of the grant.  The Grant Use Report and any documentation should be scanned in PDF format as one document and uploaded to your Organization page.  CORE grant recipients are not required to submit this report.

The Terms and Conditions require the Grantee to use the grant for the purposes outlined in the proposal and the Grantee must agree not to use any portion of the grant to participate in a political campaign or for non-charitable or noneducational purposes.

Grantee will repay any portion of the grant that is not timely used.

A numbered Grant Use Report form will accompany the grant award notification and is to be used by the Grantee in satisfying their grant use reporting requirement.  The completed Report should be uploaded to this website.

Grantee will agree to promptly notify the Foundation of any significant organizational changes during the term of the grant or delays in the funded project's completion.

Upon request of the Foundation, the Grantee will permit representatives of the Foundation to visit the premises and review the subjects supported by the grant.