General FAQs

Will Norman Archibald Charitable Foundation consider a request for capital needs?
  • Yes. Requests for capital needs are of interest and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The Foundation has a history of funding tangible needs of an organization that directly service constituents, such as a freezer for a food bank or van for an elderly care agency.
  • Please note the requesting organization must have a minimum of 70% capital raised before Norman Archibald Charitable Foundation will grant.
What is the average Norman Archibald Charitable Foundation grant size awarded for regular grants?
  • Grant amounts are usually $3,000-$7,000.
Will Norman Archibald Charitable Foundation consider a request for the operating or programs of our organizations?
  • We do not fund for ongoing program support.
Our organization receives funding from a variety of sources including United Way, as well as the government. Are we still eligible for funding?
  • Yes. We look for organizations that maximize their service potential through leverage and partnerships. Having multiple means of support is not a disadvantage or disqualification for funding consideration.
Does the Foundation award multi-year grants?
  • Occasionally the Foundation will make a multi-year commitment to reach a total dollar goal for a specific project. Such decisions are made at the Foundation’s discretion after careful review and evaluation.
  • If your organization is an arts or youth arts related organization in King and Pierce counties, please contact ArtsFund, as Norman Archibald Charitable Foundation provides support for their grant making efforts in these areas.
  • Norman Archibald Charitable Foundation is open to receiving Arts related grant applications from the other counties within our service areas.
Does Norman Archibald Charitable Foundation fund school foundations?
  • Unfortunately, we do not fund school foundations.
What are the current dates for the 2023 Board Meetings?
  • March 15
  • June 14
  • September 20
  • December 13
When is the best time to submit a grant application?
  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and decisions are made during the quarterly board meetings.  Applications are normally accepted 10 days before a board meeting so that the board of directors have time to review them.  If your application is received after this, it will roll over to the next quarter.
  • Norman Archibald Charitable Foundation accepts application on a rolling basis. You are more than welcome to continue to apply for the next grant cycle. Your application will be saved in Foundant.
When are grant status reports due?
  • Grant status reports are currently not required. Any reporting on a previously awarded grant can be conveyed on a new application. 
How often can an organization apply?
  • If an organization is provided funding, then they can apply one year after the grant was awarded.
  • Organizations with no current grant funding can reapply any time.
Can an organization submit non-audited financial statements as part of the application?
  • Yes, an organization can submit non-audited documents for the current granting year, however, they must submit the previous year’s audited financial statements.